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New England Folk Music Archives is now:

Folk New England


    FOLK New England

    -Where History Sings-

    FOLK New England's mission is to document, preserve, interpret and present the ongoing cultural legacy of folk music in all its forms, with emphasis on New England's contribution to the enrichment of North American life.

    FOLK New England is a living repository of folk music history materials, featuring 50 year-old audio recordings of rare performances and interviews; a growing photograph collection documenting the past and the active present of folk music; and a unique archive of personal papers, folk journals, and ephemera related to the folk music scene.

    FOLK New England's core collection includes archival materials from the Club 47, the Newport Folk Festival, the Old Vienna Kaffeehaus, and the broader New England folk community.

    Over the coming months FOLK New England will be establishing a dynamic web presence and continuing to present public events to engage audiences and scholars in the rich world that is folk music in New England.

    updated 2 months ago